Quantemplate system architecture

The Quantemplate platform solution is a scalable cloud architecture technology stack that consists of a few closely coupled layers, each one specialised for their specific task

Web application

The Quantemplate web app is built as a single page: this means that the vast majority of user interactions are serviced within the app itself without round trips to the server.

Infinite object storage

All source data that enters the Quantemplate platform is securely stored using Amazon S3 object storage. This has effectively infinite capacity and acts as a data-lake that feeds the pivoting and pipeline processes.

Scalable compute nodes

The processing and analysis of data runs on an array of high-performance multi-core machines that scale with the demands of pivoting cubes and processing data pipelines.

Document store

All data is managed and served up from the Quantemplate document store. This supports all of the actions that users can perform on the platform with the exception of the processing performed on the pivot and pipeline nodes.