Diagrams and flows

Series of diagrams and workflows designed at Quantemplate

Machine learning 
Harness the power of machine learning to automate data integrity

From catastrophe modelling to pricing, from bordereaux management to performance analysis, data preparation underpins the lifecycle of a risk. Frequently this process is done manually, either in-house by highly-skilled workers or outsourced to vast teams on the other side of the world. Your valuable in-house team could be spending their time on business generating activities.
Less time wrangling spreadsheets, more time acting on insights from your data.

The schema-mapping use case shown below demonstrates how machine learning could help your company to save time and cut costs.

Automation workflow

A data flow showing how coverholders, syndicates and insurers operate within the London Market.

Harmonising global policy and claims data

This workflow shows how Quantemplate harmonises and transforms hundreds of Excel spreadsheets (from different regional entities) in a single dataset that can be used then to perform monitoring and analysis on the Quantemplate platform.